The concept seems like something out of a science fiction movie, but we could be flying around in invisible plans sooner than you think.

We aren't quite looking at Wonder Woman's invisible plane, but the concept is there!  Airbus revealed their latest idea for a plane. This one would be one where everyone has a window seat.

In a new website set up by the plane manufacturing company, they revealed cool photos of the concept plane that they say should be the real thing by 2050! A survey on this site asked people what they look for when they fly and the most common answer was that people really wanted it to be a unique experience.  The whole concept of it is to make solutions that will help the environment.  It has energy solutions and a way to make travel less congested.

I'll be honest though, the idea of this kind of scares me.  I am afraid of heights, and being able to see everything around me would be a little much.  The concept photos even show a transparent floor.  I may need a sleeping mask if this is how the future of flying is.