It's a well known fact that most of the musical part of the Super Bowl halftime show is lip synced, but this year it's like the acts weren't even trying to match up with the song being played.

As predicted, this years Super Bowl halftime show was another let down.  Maybe fans of their music enjoyed it, but whoever is in charge of planning these really needs to try harder next time.  Why do they feel the need to cram everything that is popular this week into the halftime show?  Besides that, the show was completely lip synced.  Nikki Minaj's part didn't match up with her mouth at all.  Very disappointing halftime committee.

Was there really a need for LMFAO to join Madonna on the stage for 30 seconds?  The money they paid them to do that probably could have gone to feed children in Africa for 20 years.

Oh, who invited Cee Lo Green for no apparent reason?  I am willing to bet that he wasn't even supposed to be there and just had that marching band outfit on.

A couple things we can take away from this years halftime show is that Madonna has apparently heard everyone talking about her gross man arms because she did everything to cover them up.  Also, MIA is way hotter than we thought.  Maybe it was the weirdo Greek/Egyptian outfit, but we could get into that.

So did you enjoy this years halftime show, or were you left scratching your head when that guy bounced up and down on that wire with his crotch?