As with anything that has to do with the show 'LOST', we get some clues, but ultimately it's a mystery.  Creator Damon Lindelof hints that it could come back.

If you watched 'LOST' during its run from 2004 till 2010 you are probably still scratching your head and asking questions.  Fans of the show never really got the wrap up that they wanted, and have often wondered if something else would come of the show.  We may have an answer now.

Like usual though, it's shrouded in mystery.  'LOST' creator Damon Lindelof said that ABC may want to do some more with the show 'in some form', but he won't be involved in it.  That's probably for the best, since Lindelof is responsible for dozens of sleepless nights while I racked by brain trying to figure out what the numbers meant, or who the 'Others' were.

It would be fantastic if Lindelof was right, and they did do some sort of spin-off on the hit show.  If you picked up the season six DVDs then you got a quick snippet of Hurley and Ben Linus going back to get Walt, because his time had come to do something special.  Perhaps it was a clue?  Or maybe they just really like screwing with us.