A Connecticut woman was found under a car in her driveway after a vicious attack by her  pit bull. The 65-year-old woman named Anne Murray was missing all of her one arm and from the elbow down on her other arm. Any remains of the arms have been not found. 

Over the years the police became very familiar with this Wilton, CT, residence. Multiple times for Tuxedo, the family pit bull, whenever he would wander off the property. And for Anne's son, Ian, for his many run-ins with the law.

Tuxedo was shot and killed on the arrival of the police. That's when they discovered Murray under a car trying to shield herself from the dog.

Murray is currently recovering in a area hospital. According to her other son, Matthew, she is awake and hopeful of a full recovery.

Pit bulls are a popular breed in the Wilton community, with many pit owners defending the breed. According to Wikipedia, Wilton has an average yearly income of $65,806 per year with less the 3% of the population under the poverty line. Making Wilton a community with means.

Many supporters of the breed are quick to point out that any breed of dog will become vicious when mistreated.

One resident admitted to owning a pit with the "sweetest disposition" but also pointed out that pits are "naturally muscular and energetic." Like all pets, you should do your research before getting one.