If you're not a Conan-ite, you should watch this and change your attitude.  The royally-screwed former host of NBC's Late Night paid a visit to his successor's show last night and couldn't have been a better sport!  Also, he needed to drop by to pick up a little something he left behind over a year ago.

It's a short, two and a half-minute clip, but the laughs just keep on coming!  Unbeknownst to the audience of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brien waited backstage for the perfect moment to make his grand entrance.  Soon after Jimmy ended his monologue and seated himself behind his desk, Coco walked onstage (like he used to own the place) for one of the best cameos of late night TV history!

Neither host shied away from the obvious awkwardness that came out of Conan's sudden appearance, but even the fake bits were light-hearted and comfortingly delicious.  After a quick bit of banter and some non-threatening laughter, Conan revealed the real reason for his visit - to pick up something he left behind long, long ago.

Walking over to the guest couch, he reached behind a pillow to pull out Triumph, The Insult-Comic Dog before departing with some kind and funny words for the slightly-less-rookie Jimmy Fallon.  The whole bit demonstrated how fantastic Conan O'Brien is and how generous he can be even after being jerked around by talentless corporate a-holes.

Viva La Coco!