Stephen Lynch on Q103 With Dalton Castle

I value comedy more than anything and I also happen to love music so it would only be natural that I am a fan of Stephen Lynch. Stephen has released his 5th CD “Lion” in December 2012 and is currently on tour. He plans on hitting up Albany in May when he plays the egg. I talk with Stephen about why he became the comedian with the guitar and we briefly get into his time spent on Broadway in the musical the Wedding Singer. Also we get into a very heartfelt discussion involving black face and Joaquin Phoenix for some reason or another. Check out this very awkward yet enjoyable interview I had with Stephen Lynch.

"I never wanted to get into comedy... I don't know how to write a joke, i just like to play music" -Stephen Lynch

"I never played anything serious that i wrote in front of any human being." -Stephen Lynch

“…It’s a lot easier to be a 50 year old black woman in your heart then it is to be one in the real world…” - Stephen Lynch