Comedian Stephen Lynch is playing the Albany area and I had him on the show to talk about his new CD “Lion” and to see if I can transform anything he said into something sexual. If you are not familiar with Stephen Lynch’s work I highly suggest checking him out. He is playing the egg tonight in downtown Albany and you most likely will not regret it. We’ll I suppose if you hate music, hate to laugh and have no desire to learn what the phrase docking means, yes then you might regret going.

Stephen came on my show for a rather interesting conversation. I’m a big fan of his work so it was my goal to make him laugh during this interview so that he may find me uncontrollably funny and then we would become best friends forever and ever. In the middle of the interview I thought it would be a good idea to hand the mic over to our Q103 intern (Cynthia) to set Lynch up for a more compelling interview then I could offer. Stephen continued to call Cynthia by the wrong name but surprising he opened up some insightful information about himself.

Check out this conversation I had with Stephen Lynch. Then check out his show and new CD Lion. Also if you see him make sure you tell him Dalton asked about him and is wondering when they are going to hang out and play N64 or whatever, you know dude stuff!

“You would be the first radio show I've ever done that doesn't exclusively talk about female anatomy.”

… Pulling the foreskin over too circumcised penises? Yes I’m intimately familiar with the practice.”

“Whenever she (Mother) hers a song…she loves to call me and tell me how great the ‘Music’ is. “

“Turtle neck and stubble, that’s my go too.”

“She wants to interview me?”

“ I've sort of found the niche within the music world… I’m pretty much committed to it at this point that ‘m doing comedy…”

“…on the outside I may appear to be a comedian, on the inside it’s a musician weeping…”     - Stephen Lynch (Q103fm 2013)