Perhaps Angela Lopez doesn't know how the law works, but usually you don't get out of jail free unless you're playing Monopoly.

Usually people on welfare lead a life that is less than luxurious. Not 38 year old Angela Lopez. She lives in  a big house, and drives a brand new Lincoln Navigator. Not exactly the kind of person who would be on welfare. Turns out she was scamming the system, and making some huge money doing so.

Now, she's going to jail - and despite her best efforts. When being sentenced on Thursday, Lopez tried to buy her way out of the 2-6 year jail sentence by offering a check of $96,000. How does one on welfare come up with that much cash in a pinch?

Can you guess what the courts reaction was? If you guessed they said no, then you would be correct. Congratulations on your common sense. We can only hope they also laughed in her face. Have fun in prison! We hope you like orange!

[Via Times Union]