It’s a good thing police are cracking down on all the hot new trends underage kids are into. First it was Molly, then beer and now cops are catching kids trying to stay hydrated!

A University of Virginia student was arrested after undercover police officers mistook her case of sparkling water for beer. Elizabeth Daly had to spend the night in jail for the mix up.

The Daily News reports the story that Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control officers dressed in street clothes were staking out a grocery store to catch underage students buying alcohol. When Elizabeth Daly and her friends left the store the officers followed her to her car and surrounded it. Daly freaked out at the sight of strange men knocking on her window and panicked.

When the officers asked her to roll down her window she turned her car on to activate the electric windows. Then one of the officers jumped on the hood of her car (I assume to catch some sun rays) and Daly told her friend to call 9-1-1 as she attempted to leave the parking lot. Soon the officers identified themselves and she stopped the car. She was then arrested for assaulting officers and spent the night behind bars.

The charges were later dropped and Elizabeth Daly was set free. However, for this traumatic mix up Daly is suing the state of Virginia for $40 million! That sounds a little excessive for a free pass to hit a cop with your car. On the bright side if this girl wins her case $40 Million is going to buy a whole lot of sparkling water.