I should start this off by saying I wouldn't think twice about pushing my grandmother in front of a herd of wildebeest if it meant I could have a free “Love it” sized dish of Cold Stone. However, this shark week cake seems a little forced. I love the ambition to use the graham cracker as “sand” but all they really did was stick a few gummy sharks on top and call it a day.

I argue with my girlfriend every November in the store about why we NEED the ice cream cake shaped like a turkey. She ask “why that cake”? I respond with “It’s shaped like a turkey that’s why” and then we get the turkey cake, end of story.

Cold Stone and sharks are too of my favorite things. I've had a lifelong dream to be bitten by a shark and I have an unhealthy obsession with ice cream. So if this shark week cake was shaped like a shark than there could be the slight chance that I might be able to be bitten by a shark made of ice cream. Life would be complete if that happened. If this were the case then I’d say I need this cake, however a blue cake with gummies on it isn't as desirable. But don’t you worry Cold Stone you still have me hooked.