Joseph Rajczak, principal of Cohoes High School, is under a bit of fire after reports to police say he was seen buying ammo from a former student in the school's parking lot.

The deal went down on May 1st between Rajczak and the former student, who works at a local sporting goods store. The incident wasn't reported by the school district to police until May 9th. No comment from Cohoes police as to how the school became aware of the sale.

Rajczak could be in some serious trouble; not only, according to the school district, did he violate the school's 'code of conduct' but police are looking into a violation of any laws.

As of yesterday (Monday), Rajczak was not punished or suspended in connection to this indecent and The district also issued a statement regarding the investigation:

The Cohoes City School District and the Cohoes Police Department are currently investigating an alleged purchase of ammunition by high school principal Joseph Rajczak in the parking lot of Cohoes High School on May 1. There has been no allegation that any gun was brought onto school property or that the safety of our students or staff was ever compromised.


The district reported the matter to the Cohoes Police Department, which has indicated it expects to complete its investigation by Tuesday, May 14 to determine if there was any criminality in the alleged sale. The purchase of ammunition on school grounds is a violation of the school's Code of Conduct. District administration is awaiting the findings of police and has sought legal counsel to determine what options can be considered pending the outcome of the investigation.