Here in America people love themselves some coffee. Starbucks has made a fortune off our obsession of the caffeine delight. I doubt you'll see this flavor of coffee at your local shop anytime soon though, but up in Canada - Elephant Dung Coffee is a hit!

Black Ivory Coffee is said to be an "earthy in flavor and smooth on the palate." It's made from beans picked from the dung of 20 Thai elephants (Ala Cheech and Chung's Dog Poop Weed).

Blake Dinkin is the creator of the brew and says that it's an expensive effort to make the coffee; Costing nearly $960 a month per elephant and well over $220,000 to develop.

So yeah - if you have ever wondered where your coffee came from, here is one example: Coffee beans extracted from the poop of elephants. Some taste testers says it's amazing but there is something about it "they can't put their finger on". Hmmm, I wonder what that could be?

Don't worry, the elephants aren't being harmed PETA. Several elephant foundations have investigated the matter and all have given the clear.

Blake told the AP, he believes feeding the elephants the beans gives the coffee its unique flavor thanks to a gut reaction inside the animal.

By the way, the first batch has sold out.