The Saratoga County Animal Shelter Cat Annex has called the Clifton Park Center Mall home for the last four years housing cats and kittens up for adoption. Now officials must look for a new home for the shelter itself.

The owners of Clifton Park Center have given the store space to the Saratoga County Animal Shelter free of charge since they moved in, but now say they have a client interested in moving in.

The Shelter have an August 10th move out date and in the meantime must look for a new location to house their over 40 cats and kittens needing new homes. Animal Shelter Director Dan Butler says there are no "hard feelings" as they understand a mall would want to rent the space to a paying customer.

If you are looking for a new member of the family, please visit the Saratoga County Animal Shelter near Pay-less Shoes inside the Clifton Park Center before August 10th. They have many great, friendly cats that are looking for a permanent home.