Sad news for Johnny Depp, but good news for womankind. The man that all the ladies seem to love is back on the market.

After 14 years, Johnny Depp let everyone know this week that his relationship with Vanessa Paradis is over. Okay ladies, take a breath. Yes, Johnny Depp is back on the market, but he's not hanging out alone. So who has Johnny been spending his time with? Marilyn Manson, of course.

Yup, according to Yahoo, Depp and Manson have been hanging out a lot as of late. Johnny seems to be showing his love of music and performing, so maybe that's why him and Manson have been clicking. Depp performed with Manson at the Golden Gods Awards, and with the Black Crows at the MTV Movie Awards. Perhaps Manson and Depp are forming some kind of rock supergroup?