If you are a fan of heading to your favorite Albany bar, then get ready for the music to stop hours before the bars close the doors.

Apparently the Albany city council has decided that they don't like fun. A new law will cause music at bars (DJs, bands etc) to end at 2 A.M. on the weekends, and at midnight during the week. So our biggest question is, does Friday night fall on the week or the weekend in accordance to this new law?

Bar owners are ready to just give in. They are going to fight this. It's been too many times that the city has stepped in and ruined things for local bar owners. If the music ends, than that means people will leave. That means they will lose out on a lot of money.

Certain members of the council claim they didn't know about the new music regulations when the issue was brought up, and they say it needs to be looked at again.

[Via Times Union]