It hasn't been long since Hollywood took a backhanded bitch slap with the SPOA and PIPA legislation defeat thanks to the Internet at large . Now there's new legislation making its way through Congress called CSIPA aims to give the government and let Internet companies share more of your information about cyber security threats and could endanger privacy. Hollywood is happy it's not them in the cross hairs again.

The law, called CIPA, Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, contains broad language that would allow the FBI, CIA and NSA to monitor and share private information, even being able to request such information from social websites like Facebook without a court order. Facebook of course is happy with that as it shares your information with anyone willy nilly. A big threat some see is a possible attack on user's privacy. This law could be used to get information on whistleblowers, who make big waves with with letting people know about misuse of power or resources winch companies and the government. Many organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, are starting to ramp up support for defeating the bill in it's current form, in Congress. Many in the Intelligence Community are listening and working on changing the bill to address the complaints of privacy advocates. But many of the co sponsors of the bill, are again not listening to these same people that gave them a good thumping with SOPA.

It wouldn't be a big surprise to me to see the current version of this bill delayed or even dropped in it's current form. It's pretty sucky and with the internet on the lookout now, it's doubtful this will pass without a big fight, say on the scale of the Battle of Endor.