For years we've heard church leaders denounce sex until marriage or even altogether. Finally one Pastor speaks out and says it's good for the nation! But before you go off whoring yourself out this weekend while taking the Lord's name in vein, read what he means by "sex".

The church in Arvade, CO is making people do a double take when passing by their sign which reads "Good sex can save our nation".

According to the pastor, the message is critical saying that God made sex and therefore values it. Oh yeah, the kicker - He also thinkgs it should be talked about in church more then anywhere else. Can you imagine your Grandmother having a heart attack hearing about sexcapades from fellow followers. Wait, I'd rather not hear about it in church because of the reverse effect of hearing my Grandmother talk about.

Ok, now I need many, many drinks to get that thought out of my head.

Like I said before, don't go whoring yourself out this weekend. The pastor says it has to be "sex with emotion". I still say drunken sex with a one night hook up has emotion, mostly regret the next day but emotion none-the-less. He never clearly stated it had to be sex within marriage so there is a loophole or two there that can be exploited.

Of course, some people have their panties in a bunch over the sign and complaints have been made. The pastor says he firmly, haha, believes that sex can reverse the majority of problems in our society. I agree as people are too wound tight nowadays.

So make sure it has emotion attached to it and for the sake of the Lord, get out there and take his name in vein to "save our nation".