Christmas is long since over and with it being well after the first of the New Year - Christmas decorations are coming down all around the world. Most of us take down our fake tree and pack it up. Others throw out their live tree in the garbage. What if you could take out your frustrations of the holiday out and have some fun while doing it?

Our friends in Germany have created an "Olympic type" event of throwing out the tree.

Seen in the video below, people from the southern town of Weidenthal gather for the annual "Knut-Fest" games to welcome in the New Year and say goodbye to the holiday season.

Featured in the games are three didn't competitions  javelin-style, hammer-style, and high-jump-style throwing. Winners are determined by distance in each category.

Frank Schwender has won the last three years straight with his throw of 22.45 meters (approx 24.5 yards).