The normal Christmas specials are making the rounds on TV this year but they are just leaving me wanting more.

This year it seems like they are shoving Christmas down our throats earlier than usual.  So I sit here on December 11th wanting to catch one of my favorite specials from the holiday season and I find nothing.  Well not nothing exactly but not what I was expecting.

We all know and love the classic Rudolph special by Rankin & Bass, and Frosty but it seems like they are getting harder to find and now I'm stuck with some stupid Shrek Christmas special or a lame squeal.

I think a big problem is that they put all our favorite ones were put on by the networks way to early and now that we are all finally ready to sit down with some ginger bread cookies and egg nog we find the garbage.  I guess I could run out and buy them on DVD but that takes away some of the holiday magic. And some of my favorite one's aren't even being aired.  Remember Garfield's Christmas?  How about Mickey's Christmas Carol? They aren't even showing those this year.

I guess in the end I'll just have to DVR them and watch them when I am finally ready.  Bah hum bug.  But seriously, everyone have a great holiday!