If there’s one thing I find funnier then a fat girl, it’s a fat girl crying because she’s getting arrested for something stupid.

I’ve never really been a huge fan of Christmas decorating. Call me a Grinch but I feel as if Santa is steeling a lot of Jesus’ heat this time a year. Sure the lights look nice and people think if their house is the brightest then everyone will know how much they love the holidays. How ever you know what doesn’t look nice? A high electric bill. Or an annoying blinking glare from my neighbors display that keeps me up at night.

With all my prejudice against out door decorations and reasons aside, people in Florida add one more for me not to like it. These fat hooligans obviously got so jealous of the magnificent Mickey on a horse and hugging penguins that their neighbor had that they felt the need to do something about it. They were sick of seeing all the beautiful inflatable that they may never have. They marched over and took what they needed to show the rest of the word the Christmas cheer they so lacked.

Was it wrong? I say no, if we follow the rules of decorating and Christmas, then these girls have the most Christmas cheer because they we’re willing to commit a felony to show it. Long story short, Christmas decorations hurt people’s feelings.