Apparently former Tea Party favorite Christine O'Donnell can't answer the tough questions because when Piers Morgan asked her, she called him "rude" and walked off of his show.

I don't think that Piers Morgan thought that Christine O'Donnell would walk off when he asked her a question about what was in her new book.  Apparently though she thought he was being rude when he asked what her stance on gay marriage was.

O'Donnell said out right that she talked about her religious and political beliefs in the book, but refused to answer the question, then proceeded to walk off before the interview was over.  She claimed that she was only there to talk about the book, and not politics since she is not running for office.  Sounds like a cop-out to me.  The video has taken the internet by storm this morning, and will no doubt hurt O'Donnell's already stellar reputation.