Chris gave Zane a false sense of hope by predicting he would narrowly lose . This of course was not the case.

I talked to Chris after the Free Beer and Hot Wings show. He did not walk in to this with out a plan. Chris knew if he was put in a position where he might give it away by incorrect answer he would not answer even if it meant that he might have been right.

It's funny how quick the weekly contestant will get accused by listeners of cheating and because of this contestant have to be blind folded and sit in front of a web cam. Even one of Chris's friends called him and said " I know you were cheating". People forget your every move is watched. Like most people who listens every week I scream out the answer (when I actually know one) and go crazy when no one gets it. Chris was quick to point out being in the spot light on national radio, it's not the same driving in your car on your way to work. The answers are a little slower to pop up in your head. When asked what do you plan on doing with the money? Chris answered "I have to talk it over with the wife but she dose need a new car. That could help toward that".


Congratulations Chris! and good job on keeping the Albany tradition in owning Zane in Dumber Then Zane Trivia.