Here’s some great news if you weren’t lucky enough to score some tickets for Chris Cornell’s acoustic performance at the Egg on Nov. 17th. Just 4 days afterwards, Cornell will release the ‘Songbook’ cd. Here’s the track listing…

1.  As Hope and Promise Fade
2.  Scar On The Sky
3.  Call Me A Dog
4.  Ground Zero
5.  Can't Change Me
6.  I Am The Highway
7.  Thank You (Led Zeppelin)
8.  Cleaning My Gun
9.  Wide Awake
10. Fell On Black Days
11. All Night Thing
12. Doesn't Remind Me
13. Like A Stone
14. Black Hole Sun
15. Imagine (John Lennon)
16. The Keeper

I can’t wait for that show at the Egg. My buddy (who’s a huge SG fan) saw it in Boston earlier this year and said that it was by far, the coolest Cornell experience ever. If you’re looking to score some tickets, Q103 will have your chances in November.

Here's a great one Chris did on the Great Expectaions soundtrack. Sadly, I don't see it on the track listing above, but that doesn't mean that he won't play it in Albany as I hear he changes up the set list.