A 2 & a half year old girl fell from a 5 story building in china when a group of delivery men saved her life and caught her. A few of the men were hurt from the force of a falling child but the toddler escaped with only a small scrap on her face. I know this little girl is much too young to understand how close to death she was but maybe someday she will learn to appreciate these selfless dudes.

I nearly had the same experience when I was 5. I was visiting Kennedy space center with my family. I saw an escalator and had the brilliant idea to hang onto the rail from the outside. As I road to the top dangling, on lookers freaked out and screamed to me. My father yelled let go and caught me before I hit the ground and transformed my legs into according. I’m thankful my father caught me but I’m pretty certain 5 year old Dalton was going to make it to the top like the ninja I am.