The holidays are long gone, thankfully. Did you see your parents or someone elderly in you family? Did you visit them at their house or in a retirement home? No? Thanks to a new law in China, elderly parents who feel "ignored" or "neglected" by their adult children can now take them to court.

The amendment passed by China's National Legislation is updating the current law that states that family members must visit the elderly frequently or else face a law suite. The law does not clearly state how many times frequent is though.

This has been due to growing social network outrage over several elderly people being neglected and abused by other family members or nursing homes. It is felt that had the families visited more often, these deaths may have been prevented. One such story had a son and his wife beat the man's elderly mother when she asked for something other then the noodles they were serving her for dinner.

Great in theory, but I can see some old person suing their family for not being visited "enough" in a week or even every day. I hope they close up the loophole of what exactly is "frequent."