Typically as a parent you teach your kids not to eat everything they find, especially on the floor or if they don't know what it is.

A family dinning at a McDonald's in the Chicago area have now filed suit against the hamburger chain for something their child found and ate in the playpen.

Anishi Spencer was with her two children Jonathan, then 3, and Jacquel, 2, in Febraury of 2012 when they found a condom on the floor of the play area. The mother claims that later Jacquel coughed up a piece of the condom and both children had to receive medical treatment for latex consumption.

Anishi is suing McDonald's for failure to properly clean "hazardous debris" from areas where children play. The claim also accuses the chain of not surveying their restaurants for deviant behavior.

The suit is seeking $50,000 in damages.

Just $50k, that's shocking! Considering the fact that Anishi has been sitting back on this mater for over a year. May I ask one question - why a year later are you filling a suit? It's been a year. Kind of long to sit back and dwell on your child consuming a used condom don't you think?

Did you not tell anyone at the restaurant of your finding? I mean, I would have went up front - told the manager - requested a refund and left. Why would I want to eat somewhere that you know the possibility of someone getting in some freaky time in the ball pen is great?