Mallory thought it was a lucky cosmic coincidence when she rolled up on an Albany Sheriff with the license plate 420 on 4/20. However this coincidence also cost her a traffic ticket. After her picture blew up on reddit Mallory reached out to me and insisted she tell her side of the story.

Some people found it stupid that the cop didn’t have a sense of humor and gave Mallory a ticket. Some people also thought Mallory was a dumb dumb for using her phone behind the wheel right in front of a police officer. I’m not a huge supporter of the 4-20 life styles but I had to talk with Mallory and find out what was going through her head. Being my opinion on the fact that this is a 4-20 related incident I pretty much knew I was in for a compelling and insightful conversation.

I’m not positive what Mallory was on when we spoke but I dug her style. She may have been a little absentminded but she seemed nice enough. She comes off as more of the “hey lets eat burritos and give each other back rubs” kind of chick vs. the “government is holding us down” loony tune.

Check out my compelling conversation with Mallory the best pot fueled photographer Albany County can produce. She may not know much about our traffic laws but this chick sure knows a good viral photo when she sees one. Thanks Mallory for opening up our eyes to some laughter and helping us feel a touch better about our selves for a moment when we realize we are not you who ha to pay that obnoxious ticket.

“… yeah pretty much, four twenty blaze it…”

“No I wasn’t high… I was just getting out of school.”

“… I saw the 420 license plate and I pull out my phone and I’m like I’m going to show this to my boyfriend later…”

“I took the picture and I got a couple more for angles, which was probably not a good idea right?”

“He told me I was texting behind him and I said I wasn’t texting, I don’t text and drive…”

“I was having a full blown panic attack…”   - 4/20 Mallory