Illinois-based rock trio Chevelle have been around for 16 years, and have consistently been releasing albums since 1999. Now, with their sixth studio album in the works, the band have just confirmed its title to be Hats Off to the Bull. Another interesting title to add to the music world. 

This record is 2009's Sci-Fi Crimes follow-up, and Joe Barresi, who has bands such as Apocalyptica, Tool and Bad Religion on his resume, was Hats Off to the Bull's producer.

You might be wondering why the bull? Well, these cute beasts can weigh up to more than a ton, and can represent a number of things, such as stability, strength, helpfulness and determination, and the bull has even popped up in music before, such as in Atreyu's hit single "Becoming the Bull." Perhaps the band is at it's peak, and they are striving to achieve such goals with this album, and hope that its words can inspire others.

The albums first single, "Face to the Floor," can be heard here, and the video of the musical trio announcing the title, which happened during a Cincinatti, Ohio interview, can be seen here.

According to the article,

Drummer Sam Loeffler recently hinted at a collaboration with a female vocalist for one song on the album, but did not say that was happening for sure.

The trio will also have a song on the soundtrack of Underworld Awakening, the upcoming fourth film in the vampire/werewolf series, which arrives [January 20].

Chevelle's current tour with bands Bush and Filter concludes in El Paso, Texas on October 29. There is not yet any news of more 2011 or even 2012 dates, but keep checking back here for when new tour dates are announced.

Hats Off to the Bull is due to release on December 6, which means it will make a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for the rocker in your life.

Are you a Chevelle fan? Will you be picking up the new album?