A name from the food industry that most of us are probably familiar with is Gordon Ramsay.  A chef turned television personality, he brought FOX some big ratings over the last couple of nights with his food reality programs.

I have been a huge fan of the show Hells Kitchen for a long time and it looks like everyone else is too.  According to the New York Times Monday night Gordon Ramsay's food competition show pulled in the most viewers for their summer programming in more than 3 years.  Ramsay didn't just do it on Monday night, but also on Tuesday night for his season finale of Master Chef.

I don't really watch Master Chef, but I haven't missed an episode of Hells Kitchen in four years.  The last few years there have even been contestants from around the Capital Region.  On Monday night Hells Kitchen pulled in 6.8 million viewers and Master Chef pulled in 6 million.  Everyone no doubt tuned in to watch 34 year old Jennifer Behm take home the title of "master chef".  She'll now get to publish her own cook books.

Last year they did 2 seasons of Hells Kitchen, one in the summer like usual and another in the Fall.  I can only think that with the ratings Ramsay is pulling in FOX will no doubt bring back the chef for more programming.  Ramsay has had other TV success with his shows on the BBC and also Kitchen Nightmares.