by ph-stop


I’m a huge supporter of Hooters, it is a fine establishment. They have delicious food, a fantastic atmosphere and delightful traditional tasteful uniforms. And an owl as a mascot is just down right brilliant. But the school board in Florida has gone too far!

A High school cheerleading coach was fired from her job as coach because of her second job as a waitress at Hooters. The principle views the job as inappropriate and a bad influence on the children.

Is this guy serious? Doesn’t he know that cheerleading is the gate way into Stripping? Not working as a waitress at Hooters!

People constantly confuse what’s appropriate with what’s inappropriate.

Perfect example: An adult woman, working as a waitress in short shorts and a tank top is viewed as inappropriate.

While on the other hand: Dressing your eleven-teen year old daughter in a mini skirt and glitter and teaching her to jump in the air spreading her legs is OK.

I try to make sense of things but then my brain starts to hurt.