Parents can be embarrassing to their kids. Most of the time a parent is embarrassing and they don’t even realize it. However this lady has got to be completely crazy to not realize how insane she looks.

Growing up I have always competed in sports, and even when I was in college on the border of mature adulthood I coached and officiated pew wee sports. Needless to say in my years on this Earth I have seen my fair share of outrageous parents. I’ve watched parents at wrestling tournaments scream in their crying 7 year old's face to stop being stupid and run a half nelson. I have witnessed my own mother get terrified and yell “no no no” at me while I was in the middle of pinning my opponent. Either she doesn’t fully understand the rules or she was cheering against me. Both reasons are not far off.

However this video of a “proud” mother at a young girls cheer contest is scaring.

The children that belong to this lady have zero to little hope until they can drive and get the hell away from her. Some parents look at being supportive as a competition. As if they are winning and beating the other parents by making an ass of them selves. Children want you to be involved, but do not confuse that with this being about you. Ego boost or not you’re a tragically crushing your Child's social future. Good luck hosting a sleep over party for your kid’s friends ever again you crazy lady!