If you are a fan of food and rock 'n roll memorabilia, then Cheap Trick Chicago will have to be a must-stop for you on a road trip. 

No projected date for when the restaurant will be ready to go, but according to Reuters, everything was going as planned back in December 2011.  When it is finished, it will be much more than just a restaurant.

The band's manager says that it will have it's own radio station, museum and a performance area so that live shows can take place. No doubt that Cheap Trick will most likely play the inaugural event once things get underway.

It makes sense for Cheap Trick to open a Chicago based restaurant, because they were founded in Rockford, Illinois (not far from Chicago) back in the 70's.  You'll be able to catch Cheap Trick in Albany this summer, when they open for Aerosmith on June 29th at the Times Union Center.  Tickets are on sale now.