Man when Charlie Sheen goes on vacation he really knows what to bring. Ex wife? Check.  Porn Star girlfriend?  Check.  An extra woman just for fun?  Check.

I think the only celebrity that is more of a mess than Lindsay Lohan right now is Charlie Sheen. RadarOnline reported that the actor is on his way to a tropical destination with his ex wife, porn star girlfriend and another woman.  Maybe Charlie didn't realize that he is suppose to be in rehab right now?   He told everyone that he was checking out of an official rehab center and turning his home into a rehab place, but I guess that means you get to go on field trips.  At this point is there any hope for him?  Any hope for his hit show?  Unless he gets better the show is done.  Which might be good since the kid is looking pretty creepy these days.

A source said that Sheen is back to his old ways.  I guess he took a couple weeks off.  Hopefully he remembered to pack his briefcase full of blow, other wise the trip might be ruined?  What is wrong with this guy?  Maybe he doesn't want to get better?  That's what it seems like to me.  He has every tool in the world to succeed and is basically saying no thank you.  Do you think during any of this Emilio Estevez is kind of like "hey guys, I'm still doing good".  Poor Emilio.  Quack, quack.