Speculation around the internet is that Charlie Sheens Two and a Half Men character Charlie Harper will be killed off by a train.  Mr. Tiger Blood himself has a message to them about that.

For the most part the guys at CBS have kept things under lock and key about how they will handle Charlie Sheen leaving the show.  We know his character is going to die and now it looks like the Men writers are going to kill him off in some sort of train accident.

Charlie has a simple message for them, "Warlocks Can't be killed off by trains".  According to TMZ, that's what the actor has said about the idea.  TMZ posted the first promotional photo for the Comedy Central Roast of Sheen that will air on the same night as the Men premiere.  In the picture Sheen is conducting a train, which could symbolize the "crazy train" that he's on, but we think it might have a deeper meaning now.

The show is set to return with new episodes on September 19th.