The internet is such a beautiful thing. Loads of super creative people sharing their versions of everything. From concert reviews, awesome sales deals to Charles Ramsey auto-tune spectaculars. Remember Charles Ramsey? He's the guy who put down his McDonald's dinner to help kidnap victim Amanda Berry in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday. Amanda had been kidnapped, along with another person, 10 years ago and was finally able to get away, along with the help of Charles.

Along with doing such a great deed, Charles is as real as it gets. Have you listened to his 911 call? Have you heard his interviews? Have you heard 'Dead Giveaway'? If you answered no to the following questions, click play asap!


Sweet Brown and her internet fame is pretty much ova! Welcome to the arena Charles, and thank you for being a stand up dude!

Oh, by the way, McDonald's is stoked.