The pile of stupid just keeps getting bigger folks.  Another Albany area citizen has been caught, well, with his pants down and now has to face the music.

It really takes some stones to do what 23 year old Patrick Bates did in the town of Delmar.  The Albany Times Union Reports that a Rensselaerville man took to Delmar to expose himself to women.  Now he is facing charges after being busted for "forcibly touching" one woman and "masterbating in front of another."

Apparently on the morning of November 20th Bates grabbed a woman's butt while she was out for a walk.  The other instance was when he was in the parking lot of Delaware Plaza and actually pulled it out and choked the chicken on front of a woman.  That was just 10 days later.   At this point it is funny to point out that his last name is in fact Bates, so begin giggling.

Not for nothing, but if you are going to do something like this (which you shouldn't), wouldn't you at least wear a mask or something?  Seems like this plan wasn't so well thought out, go figure.

Bates has been arraigned and Police ask if you  have any other information to please let them know by calling 439-9973.