Riding around the mean streets of Schenectady the other day I found myself staring at something I've never seen before. Let me re-phrase that last thought. I've never seen a chalk board with 'Before I Die _______________' sitting on the corner of a busy intersection. I mean, there was chalk and all. In other words, it's there for the public and you're encouraged to write down your thoughts. 

So ok, this isn't a 'mean' section of Schenectady. In fact, it's a nice area with pizza and coffee shops along with tasty restaurants and quaint neighborhoods that span about a 1/4 mile.


Back to the chalk board:



So, the thought is there and the idea is awesome. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to find a space to write. In fact, you can tell a few teenagers have left their mark for all to see.



Through all of the madness you can find a few thoughts that mean something, like:

'Say I love you and mean it'

'I want to be a doctor'



And of course, after a bit of searching I found the best place to leave my mark on a really cool idea that you will most likely never see anywhere else.