It was another down to the wire game in Boston last night but the Celtics are able to come out the winners once again.

The series between the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks is shaping up to be one of the best playoff match ups I have seen in a long time.  Both games so far have been edge of your seat thrillers.  Last night was even more dramatic than the first game because the Knicks were without Chauncy Billups and Amare Stoudemire but still hung in the game thanks to a huge performance from Carmelo Anthony.

Mrozek made his prediction for the game, giving the Celtics the edge by 11 points but it was a very small margin of victory.  Boston would beat NY 96-93 thanks to a couple big buckets by Kevin Garnett in the closing seconds.  Garnett was matched against the much smaller Jared Jeffries on the play that gave the Celtics the lead with 13 seconds left.  A bad match up on New York's part.

Not only did KG nail that big shot at the end but he was able to get the ball away from Jeffries on the other end of the court and call timeout giving Boston the possession and the win.  The Knicks would intentionally foul Delonte West with 6 tenths of a second left.  West went to the line and made both free throws.

Now the series moves to New York and Madison Square Garden.  Carmelo Anthony was huge for the Knicks in game 2 and I can only imagine he will be big for NY in Game 3 this Friday.  The Knicks have been close, but have yet to figure out how to close the game.  Chauncy Billups is expected to get an MRI today to see how sever his injury is that he suffered at the end of game one.  Amare Stoudemire should be good to go by Friday night.  He sat out the entire second half with back spasms.  I give the Celtics the edge in this one.  I think the Knicks will win one at MSG but the series has to come back to Boston where the Celtics play some good basketball.