Take off your bras and get ready to burn them!  Not only is it the first day of May, but it's also the return of everybody's favorite movement, The Occupiers!

If you are going to be near downtown Albany today, and feel like sticking it to the man, then get ready to Occupy - again.  Just when you thought they went away, they are back just in time for summer.  The Occupy Albany movement is back, and bringing food and music this time.

Starting at noon (because why would a protester get up early for their cause?) the Occupy movement will be taking over Academy Park in Albany.   They will be bringing the party until midnight, which means there will be plenty of time to sit n the rain.  it's called Occupy May Day, and you can get more info here.

So if you feel like voicing your opinion, or more likely just attending a giant party outside of the State Capitol, head to downtown Albany.  I won't see you there!