Cavo, the band behind the #1 rock single 'Champagne' premiered a music video for their new single called 'Thick As Thieves'.   The song is the first single of their sophomore album release 'Thick As Thieves' and will be everywhere in the Spring of 2012.  Watch it now!

The music video is directed by Frankie Nasso, who has directed videos for Chevelle, the RZA, HELLYEAH, and All That Remains.  The video features the band performing on a hi-rise rooftop in their hometown, St. Louis.

When we made the video for ‘Thick as Thieves’ we wanted to convey a sense of reality to our fans…. The behind-the-scenes clips give a taste of our true personalities, while the performance footage shows how we create a single unit when we’re performing together. We’re four different guys, but when we play we’re one.
Cavo Singer Casey Walker


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