We have arrived at Rock on the Range and our first interview was with front man Casey Walker from Cavo;  he shared with us what his creepiest experience has been so far while on tour.

The quartet hail from St. Louis, Missouri and I was curious as to what the music scene was like. Casey said that it was much more of a sports town than a music one, but that a lot of great bands have come and are coming out of the area, such as Brookroyal, who Casey especially likes. He commented that if people took the time to look and listen that they too would realize what great music comes from their own backyard.

Casey then went on to talk about his creepiest experience so far while on tour. It was about three weeks ago, and as he headed off stage at a hometown, invite only show, a young woman came up to him and asked for a hug. He said he was all sweaty, to which the girl didn't care. As he went in for the hug, the girl took a piece of hair in mouth and sucked the sweat off of it and said "now I'm part of you." He quickly smiled and walked away after.

I was also curious as to how the idea for the cover of their latest album, Thick As Thieves came about. They strictly used fan-submitted photos to create it, which I had never seen before. He stressed that without fans there would be no band, so the fans are basically their boss. He said the band really wanted their fans to be a part of their work, which prompted them to come up with the idea of gathering fans photos, of which they got a couple hundred of.

One interesting thing I found out about Cavo was that they started out with the name Hollow, but when they were signing to a record label it was discovered that the name was already quite popular, especially among techno bands. Cavo means basically the same thing- "hollow places around," which I actually think is way cooler.