Think your cat doesn't hear you when they don’t acknowledge your existence when talking to them? Well they hear you loud and clear, they just choose to ignore you.

A study out of Japan has found that cats can tell their owner’s voice from those of other people, which implies they ignore you when spoken too.

The study had researchers watch cats in their home environments. The researchers would play recordings of both strangers and their owners. The cats could not see who was talking at any given point.

The cats showed signs of excitement when they heard a familiar voice; this was shown through dilated pupils which is a signal of excitement for a cat. In general, when they heard a voice they would move their ears closer to the direction of the voice but never moved their head.

One of the researchers for the study says cats have evolved not to show emotion in order to survive.

So you little fur ball isn't hearing you, they are just ignoring you like a bratty child.