Talk about things I hope never happen to me in this lifetime!

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This story is both crazy and absolutely hilarious! I mean to the point where it kind of sounds made up.

So the story goes that a woman in Philly was heading to a fitness class when all of a sudden she said she heard a bit of "rustling" in the bushes and then BOOM something pelted her in the face. According to it was a catfish falling from the sky!

The woman said she didn't know what was happening at first and just started freaking out (and to be honest who can blame her when shes getting a catfish to the face out of nowhere). She said that her friend then started saying something about a fish and people started asking her if she was okay.

The theory is that the fish fell from the mouth of a "a vulture or hawk or eagle" from about 50 ft above after witness reported seeing a bird flying overhead. The woman didn't suffer any serious injury's just some swelling and a small cut near her eye.

After the woman had some time to process and asses the situation she seems to have had a good laugh at the whole situation because come on, how could you not? If you want to see some pictures of the woman and her fishy friend you can click HERE.