Ordering Pizza Just Became Easier Thanks To Hulu
Have you ever had this happen: You see an ad on TV for some restaurant and upon viewing you become hungry?
What do you do?
For most you might second think your hunger because it was just a commercial. What if you could use that add to place an order right then and there? Thanks to Hulu and Pizza Hut, …
Why We Must Defend Net Neutrality [Video]
So, if you're like us, you've heard the term "net neutrality" in the news quite a bit recently.
Net neutrality, basically, means that all data on the Internet is treated equally, and nothing that you try to access gets preferential treatment over other data.
Massachusetts Town Lifts 32 Year Arcade Ban
1982 was a huge year for arcades. New titles like Q*Bert, Dig Dug, Robotron: 2084, Pitfall!, Ms. Pac-Man and Joust helped the burgeoning game industry moving forward, and claimed countless quarters from arcade-goers’ pockets.

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