Senior Citizen Fight (Video NSFW)
The internet was invented for some great purpose, but most people use it for entertainment, and I can't think of a greater purpose, so here is a video of two senior citizens fighting.
C- NFL Week 2 Pre-Analysis
Last night Peyton Manning pulled off a late 4th quarter comeback, and proved that he is not too old yet, and that my Dad should leave the picks up to me in our Pick'em league.
C- Expert Analysis Of Week 1
Week 1 is not over yet, but there is plenty of o talk about, from another bad decision from the Seahawks, to another Ndamukong Suh moment, and those are just the funny stories.
NFL – Biggest Hit Of Week 1
What a great opening week of big boy football!!! We saw some great games, unexpected winners, and even an overtime game.
I was impressed by the Bills shutting down the strong Colts offense, I thought the Rams looked good, and the battle of rookie quarterbacks between the Titans and Bucs was an unexpe…
Marching Band Forms A Sex Act [NSFW]
This past Saturday was opening weekend for college football. It was also the first chance for all their respective marching bands to spread out and take the field at halftime. This historic tradition has been happening since the beginning of time, but occasionally, things go wrong...
It’s NFL Time: Who’s Your Pick to Win It All?
It is officially our favorite time of the year!!! FOOTBALL!!!! That time where Sunday TV belongs to us, where the trash talking starts, where planning out your snacks, beverage of choice, and comfy pants rule!!
It seems like a long time coming...

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