The Smells Of My Youth
I played Football for Shaker, I am a finely-tuned ex-high school athlete and this time of the year reminds me of the smells I used to smell on the field, in the huddle and especially in the locker room, nothing brings back memories like blood, sweat, dirt and sometimes vomit.
We Are Getting Closer To FOOTBALL!!!!!
We are inching closer and closer to another NFL season. Camps are open and going strong, you can get daily updates on your favorite team, and this Sunday we get the Hall of Fame game with the Colts facing off against the Packers. We can pretend for a minute that this is an actual game, but the truth…
Why Do You Love The Olympics?
I love the Olympics for two reasons: One reason is that it is proof that human beings love games and I find it inspiring that we still celebrate an ancient Greek tradition because it proves that the Greeks were good for something.

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