#Qruption – Top 5 Alice In Chains Songs
We're just about two weeks away from this summer's biggest show - #Qruption, Rockstar Energy Drinks' Uproar Tour. The line-up includes one of my all-time favorite bands, Alice In Chains, and in honor of their headlining performance on August 13th; here are my Top 5 favorite songs from…
Q-Ruption Adds 3rd Stage – Preview The New Bands
Q-Ruption, Rockstar Energy Drink's Uproar Festival, announced it's line-up several months ago with Alice In Chains and Jane's Addiction as your headliners. Since then, more bands have been added and we can officially say there will be a Third Stage this year!
Alice In Chains Perform Hollow [VIDEO]
I've been on an Alice in Chains kick since the release of The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. Rightfully so, seeing as the first two singles from the album have hit numbers 1 and 4 on the charts with Hollow and Stone. I guess I'm all excited for August when The Chains make their way to the area.
Middle Class Rut Performs Aunt Betty Live [VIDEO]
From time to time I find myself totally hooked on a tune. You know what I mean? I'll listen to it over and over and over again. I think we all do that, to be honest. Although, I have tried to calm it down a bit- I hate getting burnt on tunes. This song though, I don't know- I can't pu…
Beer Drone To Deliver Beers To Concertgoers This Summer [Video]
Q-Ruption is right around the corner on August 13 at SPAC. At that point, the summer heat will be in full effect and you will want refreshment during the show. But that means you have to leave your seat and stand in, what seems like an endless, line to a cold one for your and maybe your friends.
Not …
Alice In Chains Vs. Staind, Nutshell Cover [VIDEO+POLL]
There are covers, and there are COVERS! Some bands can pull it off and others, not so much. Some covers make you think: 'Man, I think that's better than the original'. Case in point: Shinedown with Simple Man. Ok ok ok, I know you're probably throwing your mouse at your computer …

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