How I Spent My Night at Q-Ruption
It was a long day at my "regular" job Friday, as I was anxious to get to the show and enjoy the people and music. After navigating the traffic on 787 to get to the sitter and drop off my daughter and then up to Saratoga and navigating the traffic at SPAC, I made it in alive!
Producer Joe’s ‘Human Oat Bucket’ Live From Saratoga [VIDEO]
The Free Beer & Hot Wings show was in town this past weekend and along with doing a live broadcast from the track in Saratoga, they also had Producer Joe do a stunt.  They had a little trouble coming up with a stunt idea , so just screwing around with ideas at dinner on Thursday night I shot out…
Q-Ruption Listener Shot Live Footage [VIDEO]
I was screwing around on YouTube when I found some great live footage from Q-Ruption this past Friday at SPAC.  If you weren't there then you can enjoy some great video shot by the awesome Q103 listeners!
Q-Ruption Listener Meet & Greet Galleries
Were you lucky enough to meet one of the Q-Ruption performers? If so check out our galleries after the jump and save your photos - or send the link to this article to your friends to show off that you got to meet an artist.
Q-Ruption Band Galleries [PHOTOS]
The only rock festival in the Albany area was a huge success - thanks to everyone who came out to see Q-Ruption at SPAC on Friday night. After the jump check out the galleries of performers Selfish Needy Creatures, Egypt Central, Sick Puppies, Skillet, Five Finger Death Punch, and Godsmack.
BJ’s Most Memorable Q-Ruption Moment
So last night I had an absolute blast at Q-Ruption!  There were so many great moments both on and off the stage, but one moment sticks out in my mind as the favorite of the night.
Monte’s Favorite Q-Ruption Performance- Skillet [VIDEO]
As one of you 12,138 fans that rocked out at Q-Ruption last night, it was hard to pick a favorite act.  One band I was anticipating to see in person delivered in a big way last night.  For me, it was Skillet that got ol' Monte tapping his foot.

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