Register to Vote in the Albany Area
Wondering where you can register to vote or how to do so? Perhaps you need to change your registration, your address, your party, or other information? Here's where to register to vote, and how!
Full Mitt Romney Millionaire Fundraiser Videos Released
While everyone is entitled to their opinion, a lot of people are not receiving what Mitt Romney really thinks very well. Monday (9/17) MotherJones released a secretly recorded video at a fundraiser attended by millionaires in which Romney said some pretty awful things about low income Americans. Tod…
Senator + Local MILF Kirsten Gillibrand Appears on Daily Show [VIDEO]
Our own Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (and local MILF)  appeared on the Daily Show and was interviewed by Jon Stewart. The show's broadcast was pushed later than usual, as President Bill Clinton's speech at the DNC lasted around 50 minutes. Besides being a vocal supporter of women's rights, Sen. Gillib…

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