New Poll Says Americans Prefer Zombies & Dog Poop To Congress
With the government shutdown still going strong, even with glimmers of possible hopes for resolutions; Americans are becoming more and more dishearten with their choice of elected officials.
A new poll out shows just how "soured" our opinion is of the government and their lack of le…
Anthony Weiner Talks With Dalton [VIDEO]
The man him self Anthony Weiner AKA Carlos Danger takes time from his busy schedule to talk with me in all new segment. All the questions you’ve wanted to ask are answered. My mother always said if you can’t say anything funny then just say anything...
Dalton Gets Political About Syria Conflict
The answer to this whole Syria mumbo jumbo is so simple. What’s the right course of action? Well that is simple and I can sum it up in less the 6 seconds. My thoughts and solution are best represented in this emotional yet well thought out vine...
Who Wants To See A Bald Bush?
I knew you would click this story. I mean come on, everyone loves a bald bush. It's not what you think though. Former President George H. Bush is earning a bit of praise around the country with regard to his melon. Frankly, he's done such a great thing, it deserves some love.

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