The Best of ‘The Prez Is Not Impressed’ Tumblr
Pres. Barack Obama can't just pose with McKayla Maroney, make a silly face, and expect it NOT to turn into a Tumblr. Or, he can, but that would be foolish. The President Is Not Impressed  is pretty much just like the McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed from this summer, only it's th…
Woman Runs Down Husband – For Not Voting!
Let's face facts ladies, you can sometime over react to certain things in life and for that you drive us guys crazy. An Arizona woman ran down her husband with the family car for failing to vote in the presidential election. I think it's safe to say the marriage is over.
30 States File Secession Petitions – Are You Serious?
So last week was supposed be the end of all the BS from election right? We all know better then that. Residents in 30 states have filed Secession Petitions. I find this laughable on many levels. "We The People" voted to keep Obama in office and a week later comes people trying to s…
Watch Donald Trump Get Torn Apart by Brian Williams in 10 Seconds
No matter what side of the election you were on, it's hard to take Donald Trump seriously. He's become a laughing stock with his outrageous and over the top harassment of President Obama. Brian Williams has clearly had enough of his shenanigans and he was able to sum up just…
Albany Area Local Election Results
We have a lot of races in the Albany area with some of them being more major than the others but all equally important. Here are the results of the races that have been called. We will be updating the data as new numbers come in.
Vote Yes For Dalton – Vote No For Dalton [AUDIO]
Elections are full of false promises and gruesome mud slinging. Here at Q103 both sides are making compelling arguments.
I want to be King of America but there are people out there who will stop at nothing to try and prevent that. Listen to the audio below to hear both sides of the argument and cast …

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