Albany Area Local Election Results
We have a lot of races in the Albany area with some of them being more major than the others but all equally important. Here are the results of the races that have been called. We will be updating the data as new numbers come in.
Vote Yes For Dalton – Vote No For Dalton [AUDIO]
Elections are full of false promises and gruesome mud slinging. Here at Q103 both sides are making compelling arguments.
I want to be King of America but there are people out there who will stop at nothing to try and prevent that. Listen to the audio below to hear both sides of the argument and cast …
Colorado Church Says Sex is OK
For years we've heard church leaders denounce sex until marriage or even altogether. Finally one Pastor speaks out and says it's good for the nation! But before you go off whoring yourself out this weekend while taking the Lord's name in vein, read what he means by "sex&…
The Best Meme Reactions to Trump’s ‘Major Announcement’
Donald Trump's "major announcement" was a major disappointment. Although we can't say we're majorly surprised. He essentially agreed to pay money to charity, but only if Pres. Obama releases his college and passport applications and records. What a delightfully effective way to let everybo…

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