Penguins Do Not Support Newt Gingrich
Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was making a stop on the campaign trail at the St. Louis zoo.  He quickly learned that he was not Dr. Doolittle, and would not be getting the penguin vote.
President Obama’s (Not So) Hot Rod
You remember your first car, right?  Ah, my sweet 1991 Sunbird - equipt with that high-tech AM/FM radio.  I know what it's like saving up $250 to purchase such a beast and thinking "Man, I wish I were rich like, like The President, then I could roll around in a badass mobile like the Presidenti…
Dave Mustaine Endorses Rick Santorum
Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine took time out of his busy Gigantour schedule to throw his support towards Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum.   Mustaine, who hopes the next President in the United States is republican believes only Santorum can get the job done right.

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